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To help business leaders drive innovation and achieve substantial improvements in performance through the sharing of real-time insights, and to attract, retain, develop and empower an exceptional team.

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KnowledgeConnect’s annual comparative analysis report is invaluable. This report is the result of input acquired from subject-matter-experts at 30+ companies on a mutually agreed-upon set of definitions in selected areas of interest. What I receive is an apples-to- apples comparison that yields an actionable artifact that I use to communicate internally, with senior management and with the Board. Lots of companies attempt to produce similar reports and fail to actually do so.

Don Garvey, Chief Information Security & Compliance Officer | Chubb

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Our clients are members of the US Fortune 500 from multiple verticals, including: manufacturing, technology, consumer packaged goods, insurance, banking and financial services, pharmaceuticals and entertainment.

Members of our forums are leaders with responsibility for people, process, technology & budget.

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